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The Basics

The core club activities are a “short” Wednesday night run around Sparta, and “longer” run held on either Saturday or Sunday morning. Mileage is determined by members’ preferences or goals. Our weekend runs are scheduled at a variety of locations, including routes in and around Sparta as well as at New Jersey’s many beautiful runner-friendly parks and trails that are within driving distance, such as the Paulinskill and Sussex Trails in Lafayette, Patriots Path, Palisades Park, Ridgewood, Columbia Trail, and Morristown’s Loantaka Park.

Quick Note about The Sparta Independent
They are consistently posting incorrect times for our runs (at least it's consistent). Please check the calendar or email for the schedule.

You don’t have to be fast or competitive to join! We welcome runners of all levels, whether you run for competition, recreation, or just to stay in shape. No pace is too slow or fast, all abilities are welcomed. While our weekend runs offer some of our runners an opportunity to challenge themselves with run distances of 10 or more miles, there is no pressure to run long distances, and you will always find someone in the group to run any distance you are comfortable with.

Interested? Why not join us on our next group weekend run and find out more! Check out the Club Calendar or send an email to let us know you'll be there.

For more information on membership, including how to join us on our next group run, you can download our brochure or member application.

You can view the Club Calendar to find out where we will be. If you need directions, please email Glenn. Note: The Club Calendar utilizes Google Calendar.

Weekday Run
Weekend Runs
Where Do We Run?
Rain, Sleet, Snow, Ice ...

Weekday Run

We offer a weekly Wednesday night run. We have 2 possible starting locations: 1) Station Park Pond parking lot, and 2) Lake Mohawk Country Club. We vary the time based on daylight and when there is none left - see the Club Calendar for exact days, times and locations.

We highly recommend that during the fall and winter weeks that you wear reflective clothing on these runs! Also, layering is key.

Weekend Runs

On Saturday we have a group run at one of our many favorite running locations around the Sparta/Sussex County area. And if there are a group of runners who prefer Sunday morning, we can certainly oblige. 

Hold on! ... You can't make a group run?!
No problem: send out an "Anyone like to join me" or an "Is anyone up for a run" with the day and time your schedule allows and you are bound to find a runner who will be happy to join you. Networking, baby, networking!

Where do we run?

Based in beautiful Sparta, NJ and surrounded by rural Sussex County, the Sparta Runners Club enjoys local access to a number of scenic and unique running trails and routes. The following are some of our most enjoyable running locations: The Paulinskill Trail is an old railroad bed which has been transformed into a nice soft trail used by runners, hikers and horses. It runs east-west between Sparta Junction and Blairstown, making possible out and back routes of anywhere between 6 miles and 20 miles. Our typical Paulinskill trail run starts at either Lafayette Village or Warbasse Junction.

The Sussex Branch Trail runs north-south, intersecting with the Paulinskill Trail at Warbasse Junction, and runs from Branchville all the way down south to Allamuchy State Park. As with the Paulinskill, we often start this route at Lafayette Village or Warbasse Junction. The Sussex Branch Trail runs through Kittatiny State Park on its way down to route 206, Andover and further south. It is also a soft trail.

Lake Mohawk in Sparta offers an 8-mile loop around the lake which is scenic yet challenging due to a number of hills found throughout the course. The run around the lake is primarily on street surfaces. We start our lake runs at the Country Club parking lot directly opposite the boardwalk.

Mahlon Dickensen Reservation is located near Jefferson High School, off of Weldon Road. It contains a multitude of trails, although not all are suitable for runners. A four miles route starts at the Weldon Road parking lot. An 8 mile route can be achieved by starting at Hayward Road and continuing through the Weldon road parking lot.

Kittatiny State Park is used either as part of a Sussex Branch Trail Route, or it can support several nice routes just by itself.

Have a favorite run route or location? Why not share it with us? We are always on the look out for new run locations.

Rain, Sleet, Snow, Ice ...

Yeah, we run in it all - but you don't have to. We have some members who come out for all types of weather and our runs are held rain or shine. Of course, if weather makes driving dangerous we will cancel the run. We ask that if you decide not to run after confirming you'll be there, please notify the leader of the run via cell phone so the group is not waiting for you.


A cheerful group after a very hot, humid
Lake Mohawk 8-mile Race 2008

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New Feature
Our Favorite Runs:

Okay, so you can go on and other mapping websites to create or find runs in your area. We've carved out this little spot to post our favorite runs in the local area.

Jenny's Swartswood 8-mile Loop

Jenny's Swartswood/Stillwater 11-mile Loop

Glenn's Warbasse Junction West
To Paulinskill Lake Run

Glenn's Sussex Trail: 
Lafayette to Branchville Run

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