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So you are running every week, putting in the miles, maybe even training for an upcoming race. But there is so much more to running than putting one foot in front of the other! The following is a growing list of articles, books, and other reading materials that can expand your knowledge on diet, nutrition, training, inspiration, and more.


Run Well Blog on NY Times ... go ahead and click the link; you know you want to!

Road Runner Sports "Super Dave" Newsletter

"Super Dave" writes a regular newsletter for Road Runner Sports covering a wide variety of running topics. We found the following articles of particular interest:

Cardinal Rules for Race Day covers key preparation items (mental and physical) as the big Race Day approaches.

Running in the Moment offers ideas on how to break a long run such as a 1/2 marathon or marathon into smaller, manageable segments, allowing your mind to focus more clearly on the moment and less on the burden of how many miles remain before the finish line. has a large section devoted to runners with articles, features, news, and discussions on running.

Books on Running

Marathon Woman by Kathrine Switzer, the woman who changed the running world forever. A few of us had the opportunity and privilege of attending a talk of Ms. Switzer's on her book tour last summer and we all bought the books and a few of us got the "marathon woman" t-shirt. She's such an energetic lady - what an inspiration!

Hal Higdon has written many excellent books on running - "Marathon: The Ultimate Training Guide" is a classic. See Hal's web site for more information and free week-by-week training plans for runners of all abilities.

"First Marathons: Personal Encounters with the 26.2 mile Monster" by Gail Kislevitz is a unique and fascinating book, made up of 37 short stories by people who recount their experience in running their very first marathon. Some of the stories are by famous athletes, but most of them were written by mere mortals like you and I. If you have run a marathon, or are thinking of running one, this book can be very inspirational and moving.

The Movie

In January of 2008, The Spirit of the Marathon movie was released to a select few theaters around the country. Several members attended the showing and enjoyed it very much. Running a marathon does change your life - this movie captures the feeling and emotions of running as well as giving a history lesson on the marathon. We highly recommend this movie for non-runners and runners regardless of your skill level and desire to run a marathon. 


Resident Writers

We post reviews, comments and opinions of the members of our club; we like to yap-on about anything and everything running related. Go figure.

101 Reasons Why We Run
By Pam Conlan

Donna's Story by Donna West

Running A Marathon In Training For A Marathon
by Val Lalor with Colleen Seise

3 Days: 60 Miles, My Journey
By Colleen Seise

I Ran the Half-Wit Half Marathon, and Lived to Tell the Tale By Amy Farr

Garmin 405 v 305
By K. Roeder

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