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Everything we love about running - clothing, gear, nutrition, blogs, web sites, etc.! This is the place to post what running-related products and services we love!

Finding A Race ...

Running in the USA         Metro Race Forum



Finding a place just to run ...

Map My Run                 Favorite Run


Gear & Apparel ...

Barefoot Running Michael Warburton's article on why running bare footed is good for you! 

Running Skirts - Run. Race. Live. High performance fitness fashion from twin sisters with killer bodies and heads for fashion! 

Bondiband - Check out Rebecca Buckley's (Managing Director) bandana's with an attitude.

Tres Ladies - Chic and sassy designs for fashionable runners.


Nutrition & Energy ...

Clif Bars, Luna Bars, Clif Shots ...

GuEnergy and other stuff ...

POWERade ...

Gatorade ...


Trainers We Love ...

Okay, we really don't love them, but we have an awful crush:

Jack Heely is an RRCA-certified running coach with
Great Strides, LLC and has been chosen as the Coach 
for the 2009 NJ Marathon. He's a great guy and knows his stuff. Contact him at


Online Training Guides ...

Hal Higdon's Website


Books & Reading ...

See our Reading Room page

Our Own Training Guides ...

Marathon Training Plan
The following 2 plans were geared toward training for the 2008 Marine Corps Marathon. Several members of SRC trained and ran the race this year (our results). These plans can be used for any marathon:

First-Timer Marathon Plan and Time-Goal Marathon Plan

Half Marathon Training Plan
Our resident coach Alex Bronzini has adapted a 10 week training plan, geared towards preparing for the MORE Half Marathon many of our members ran in April 2008. The plan can be adapted to any half marathon of course; the same principles and timelines apply.

Alex's 10-week Half-Marathon Program

This program can be adapted easily to runners at any level of performance, from slow to medium to fast pace. The basic program stays the same, you simply adjust your running pace to match the pace that you are most comfortable with and which matches your race time goal (if any).

Miscellaneous Stuff ...

New online runner's forum by a couple local gals:
Been There Run That by Mendham native Christine Goldthwaite. 

Larry the Lighthouse
He runs marathons and raises money for Camp Sunshine - you gotta just love this lighthouse! 


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Trainers We Love

Online Training Guides

Books & Reading

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Misc Stuff

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